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Nautical Steel

Swaged Socket with Left hand thread For 4mm Cable

Swaged Socket with Left hand thread For 4mm Cable

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The Swage Socket has a 6 mm internal left hand thread. It is made to use in the concrete to concrete system or the Wood screw to wood screw system where a left hand thread is required. This socket is suitable for 4 mm cable and can be used on wooden post or concrete walls. You can purchase the Socket on its own This Socket is made from Grade 316 Stainless Steel. Length: 65 mm. Outside diameter: 8 mm

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Reasons to use this system:

Concrete to concrete cables.

  1. M6 Right hand Threaded rod piece - 100 mm long
  2. Swage socket with right hand thread for 4 mm cable
  3. M6 Left hand Threaded rod piece - 100 mm long
  4. Swage socket with left hand thread for 4 mm cable

Wood screw to wood screw cables.

  1. Dual Thread screw with Right hand thread 
  2. Swage socket with right hand thread for 4 mm cable
  3. Dual Thread screw with Left hand thread 
  4. Swage socket with left hand thread for 4 mm cable


Threaded rod into concrete:

Threaded rod will require you to drill an appropriate hole into concrete to accommodate your 6 mm diameter rod. The diameter of your hole can be slightly bigger than the rod itself so that you can insert correct amount of epoxy into the hole. You can insert rod 70 mm to 80 mm hole and leave 20 mm - 30 mm exposed for the sockets to tension onto.

Dual Thread Screw into wood:

This Dual Thread Screw will require you to drill a small pilot hole into your wooden posts. Rule of thumb: A smaller pilot hole for soft wood and a bigger pilot hole for very hard wood.

This Dual Thread Screw is only suitable to use with Left hand threaded Swage sockets that can take a 4 mm cable. The Dual Thread Screw will go into you post to a depth of 40 mm deep and the steel thread remains exposed for the female swage socket to be turned onto the thread of the screw.

We are a Proudly South African company and therefore most of our balustrade  fittings are locally manufactured by us here in Cape Town out of the highest Grade of 316 Stainless Steel available.

    Abbreviation for LH - Left Hand

    Our Balustrade cables are suitable to be used on interior staircases, balustrades and lofts. Cables are also extremely popular outside on balustrade decks, balconies, walkways, staircases, Pergolas & Juliet balconies.

    The steel fittings are suitable to be used in conjunction with a range of natural woods like, Balau, Garapa, Rhodesian Teak, Saligna and Pine wooden decking.

    Synthetic decking and composite wood decking products are also very popular and are sometimes preferred over natural wood. This is due to requiring less maintenance and due to engineered wood products are resistant to rotting, splintering and warping.




    Fittings & cable: Made of superior Grade 316 Stainless Steel.

    Shipping & Returns

    Recomendation: order fittings and cable once posts and handrail are installed. Shipping can take 2-3 working days. Tool hire not charged for over weekends. Tool to be returned via courier or dropped off at our offices after project completed. Items can be returned for a refund.


    Length: 30mm

    Care Instructions

    Use the tool on a level surface and in a safe open area away from moving machinery. Use tool on the ground and keep tool in upright position whilst in use. Tool instructions available. Ensure no welding or grinding is done near your cables. Ensure cutting of cable is done away from the balustrade. We recomend the use of a grinder with a slimline cuttting disk suitable for cutting metal and steel. Buy cutting disk that is the correct size for your grinder.

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    Allen Key Tensioner

    Give your Balustrade cables the perfect finish with this Allen Key Tensioner. The level machined head will appear flat against the outide of your post leaving a flush finish. Correct Allen Key is required to turn the Allen Key Tensioner.

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