Balustrade FAQ's

Here we include the most common questions and their answers to assist you with some of the technical aspects of your cable project:

What are the Building regulations regarding Balustrade height? 

Your balustrade must measure 1000 mm high from the top of the handrail down to the ground.

What must the space between individual cables be?

The space between individual cables must measure 100 mm.

How do I measure my Balustrade lengths out to calculate my cable quantity?

Use a tape measure and calculate your outside of post to outside of post distance per cable.

How far apart musty I position my intermediate posts? 

Span between intermediate posts can be between 1200mm to 1500mm.

What is the distance my cable can span? 

Distance cables can span is between 0.2m - 10 meters.

Do I need a special fitting if I have staircase cables?

Yes. You require a Angled Post Fitting to assist your tensioner with sitting at the correct angle.

Do I need to drill my Staircase post holes at angles?

Yes, this is advisable. If a cable or fitting is traveling at angle then the hole needs to be drilled at an angle. It is not advisable for the fitting to go through the post horizontally and the cable is bent at angle. Both fitting and cable need to run at the same angle.

Do I need access to the back of my end posts to be able to tension fittings?

Yes. This is recommended.

How do I achieve this?

Offset your end post 30mm - 50mm away from the wall.

How many posts must I have on a corner? 

Corner posts can consist of one single post or be off set with 2 posts.

Can I Cable go around a 90 degree corner bend? 

You may take a cable around a corner.

Is Grade 316 Stainless Steel suitable for outside use and on our coastline? 

Yes. Grade 316 Stainless Steel is the correct grade of steel to use will protect your balustrade against the elements especially the South African Coastline. 

Can I use Galvanized cable on my balustrade? 

We strongly recommend against it. Galvanized cables are not suitable to withstand the Coastal conditions of South Africa, especially not for a Balustrade. The cables will discolor over time, turn black and corrosion will take place. 

Can I use Grade 304 Steel cable for my exterior balustrade on the coast?

Grade 304 Stainless Steel is not the appropriate Grade of steel to use for exterior balustrades and our coastal conditions.

How often must I clean my Balustrade cables?

Clean your Balustrade cables every few months when you clean your house windows.

What must I use to clean my Balustrade cables with?

Use a soft non-abrasive sponge and Sunlight liquid in luke warm water only. DO NOT USE: Course abrasive powders, Metallic scourers, Silver or brass cleaners.

How do we attach fittings to cable?

We show you how in this instructional video.

How do I use the Hydraulic swage tool to attach fittings to cable?

Please watch this short video where we explain how to use the hydraulic swage tool.

Please note: the above is just general information is to assist you with your balustrade. Please also consult with an architect, engineer, or relevant building inspector to ensure your balustrade is constructed correctly and safely.