Cable Balustrades

Nautical Steel stocks a range of grade 316 Stainless Steel cables and swage fittings for all your cable balustrade requirements. Nautical Steel supply and install cables for horizontal balustrades and also vertical ceiling to floor cables. The vertical cable systems are installed on staircases and landings. 

As a proudly South African, Cape Town based company, the majority of the end fittings for balustrading, pergolas, trellis applications are manufactured here in Cape Town on our own CAM Auto lathes. We supply to the whole SADC region and beyond.

Our professional installation team can also install this system for you on site and have all the requisite Health and Safety files, medicals etc. Please contact our team to assist you with finding the perfect solution for your space.

Below you will find a selection of balustrade cable systems we have installed around Cape Town.

Vertical Staircase cables

Vertical stainless steel cables

Whether you are doing a small renovation on an existing deck or building a completely new wooden deck, our online store has all the Stainless Steel cables and fittings you will need to complete your balustrade with cables.

Balustrade cables are suitable to use with a wood, composite or synthetic decking.

Have a look at our 3mm Swaged stud and Stopper system here.

Have a look at our 4mm Swaged stud and Stopper system here.

If you are considering a thicker cables have a look at our 5mm Swaged stud to stud system here.

See this instructional video on how to prepare your balustrade fitting.

See this instructional video on how to use the hydraulic crimper with your fittings.

What are some of the real benefits of using cables on your balustrade:

  1. Short lead times available. We have all cable and fittings in stock and can supply you immediately
  2. Cables cost much less than using wood or steel
  3. Cables are easier and faster to install than mild steel or stainless steel balustrades, saving you time and money
  4. Cables are a lot cleaner to work with and don’t require any welding on site
  5. Cables require much less cleaning and maintenance than glass balustrades
  6. We can provide you with the technical information required to assist you with your planning and installation
  7. No painting of cables is required
  8. Cables offer unobstructed views

    All our fittings and cables are made from grade 316 Stainless Steel, which is the grade (or type) of Stainless Steel that is most suitable for South African inland and coastal environments.

    Swaged stud to Stopper

    Balustrade cables on deck

    Balustrade cables on deck

    Project: West Coast Stainless Steel Balustrade with Cables

     Stainless Steel Balustrade with CablesStainless Steel Balustrade with CablesStainless Steel Balustrade with CablesStainless Steel Balustrade with Cable