Acoustic panel cables

When it comes to installing acoustic panels in ceilings, using high-quality stainless steel cables is essential for a secure and long-lasting installation. At Nautical Steel, we specialize in a range stainless steel cables for architectural applications, including acoustic panel installations.

Our stainless steel cables are specifically designed to be able to carry the weight of most acoustic panels, ensuring a permanently safe and reliable installation. The cable gripper is made from brass and steel with an attractive nickel finish. The safe working load for our standard cable gripper is 16kg using a 1.5mm diameter semi flex cable.

Cable Gripper for 1.5mm cable:

Hook screwed into acoustic panel material:

This cable gripper is small and unobtrusive in appearance and therefore does not take away from the panel or art work being suspended. The 1.5mm cable feeds through the side of the cable gripper allowing the height of the installation or the length of the cable to be easily adjusted in situ. This provides a vital time saving factor when dealing with expensive scaffolding or a time consuming installation.

Acoustic panel cable suspended from ceiling:



Our installation team is able to install acoustic panels in ceilings.

By utilizing our high-quality stainless steel cables and expert installation techniques, we guarantee a professional and durable acoustic panel installation. Our team is trained to handle various ceiling types and configurations, ensuring a seamless installation process.



Contact our sales team at or give us a call at 0215107935 to discuss your project requirements and get expert advice on the best stainless steel cable options for your acoustic panel installation.